A powerful hair app to document my hair journey

Haircare scheduled

Goals and Challenges Tracked

Expenses under control

Hair length tracked

and tools listed

Goals and haircare

My hair journey made easier!

I always have paid a lot of attention to my hair, taking great care of my mane! A long time ago, I started writing down everything about my hair (routine, products, tools, accessories, progress, hairstyle …) on notes and notebooks. After a while, it was just too much paper to handle. Then, I switched to spreadsheets and text editors on my computer.  Again, I found myself in a situation where I had tons of information about my hair scattered in various media and files. It became very difficult to maintain everything.

I decided to search for a way to gather all my information in the same place to make it easier to manage. This should have been easy to spot as there were so many blogs, websites, and videos talking about hair and especially afro hair. Despite that, I spent hours on the web looking for a convenient and simple way to keep track of my hair journey without any success.

After failing to find one, I decided to create my own. This is how AppFrolution was born: a mobile application to keep track of and document the evolution of your afro hair! In more simple words: a hair diary.

I hope you will enjoy using this hair app as much as I enjoyed designing it!

Essential Features

Easy as ABC!


AppFro Boss Captain

After initiated the development of the flag ship AppFrolution, I am now responsible for maintaining it afloat. As a captain, I have different hats! I make sure the app is up to date. I maintain and feed the website with the latest news concerning afro hair. I am also active on social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.

The Dockers
The Supporting Team

AppFrolution is not a solo project! From the beginning, I had many supporters who have encouraged me throughout my journey to develop the application. I would like to thank each of you : Doria, Christelle, Aurelie, Meta, Cedric, Neno, Myriam, Elie!

The IT Development Team

All the small hands and big brains that understood me and gave birth to my crazy idea! Those are the ones who encode and update AppFrolution. Minor injuries, first aid or emergency rescue operation, they are always there to debug! The captain of the crew is Elena.

The Sailors
Beloved users

Those are all our beloved users : the AppFrolutionaries. The success of this app is yours. There are more and more people downloading the application from all the plateforms. Feel free to send us all suggestions for improvement or your testimonies.


Download now AppFrolution to document your hair journey in the confort of your fingers!


Thanks a lot to all our users and suppporters for your appreciation, support and encouragement!


Do you have a question that you didn’t find the answer on our FAQ section or crave having more information on the AppFrolution app? You are in a good place. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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