Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ is here to help you to better explore all the possibilities offered by AppFrolution your digital hair diary! If you haven’t still find what you are looking for, get in touch with us at info or through our contact page

For now, AppFrolution is only available on those platforms. These are well known platforms and used by millions of people. AppFrolution but will soon be available on other more confidential but equally secure media.

Simply click on the links Amazon Store, Google Play or Apple Store from on our website. If you have not registered on any of these platforms, it is possible to register before downloading. It’s very simple and takes only few minutes.

Even if you have to pay for features as expenses, charts, backup or ads free. Not paying for them does not alter the use of AppFrolution as most of the core features are free to use. By purchasing additional features, you contribute to the sustainability of your favourite app.

Life is not a bed of roses! Do not hesitate to send an email to bug@appfrolution.com, if possible send us a screenshot. Our great IT team will handle it shortly.

Super! AppFrolution is designed to be used on most of the brands and Android or iOS version. But it can happened that for some very old or too new versions, it does not work. Do not hesitate to send an email to bug@appfrolution.com, if possible send us a screenshot. Our great IT team will handle it shortly.

Simply change the phone language and choose French or English. By default the app language is English.

Yes, we plan to add other languages in the near future.

There are many blogs, websites, videos dedicated to the hair, especially afro hair that do a great job! Feel free to browse the web. AppFrolution is a simple tool to support you in your everyday hair life.

We are working on a forum where all users will be able to exchange tips, share their progress and many more. We will keep you posted on the process. It is also possible to exchange the haircare, tools and products used on social networks through AppFrolution.

Make sure you are connecting to the internet and you have an account with Google, Apple or Amazon. Although AppFrolution is available to most of the countries, it could happen that downloading can be restricted in some countries. Please send us a mail bug@appfrolution.com. We will check that for you.
If you have an iPhone, it is not possible to download on Google Play or Amazon.
If you have an Android phone, it is not possible to download on iPhone.

If you connect to the Internet, the update will happen automatically. If you encounter difficulties, please contact us through the app or by email info@appfrolution.com

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